Hadron Halloween Special 2016

It’s a Hadron Halloween special! Mike, Oppenheimer and the gang visit a secluded campsite for a  special night of weird tales and  ̶t̶e̶a̶m̶b̶u̶i̶l̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ !
But will there be some real scares for our heroes?  (Science fiction/Horror/Comedy. 1 hour 12 minutes)

Written by
Mike McQuilkin and Rich Wentworth

Rich Wentworth as Dr. Francis “Oppenheimer” Valdini
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson/Lost Foley Artist Conventioneer
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus

Special thanks
John Ballentine of Campfire Radio Theatre, for the crapbox car sounds

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Ep. 19 – “Funk OUT!” OR “The Offal Truth”

It’s HGH Season Two’s senses-shattering, diplomacy-and-pseudoscience-packed, king-sized penultimate episode!

When Cyrus comes down with crystal poisoning, it’s up to Mike and Oppenheimer to get his legs back from Crystallos — but can our heroes survive another kerfuffle and stay alive long enough to make peace between the Crystallosians and Meatlanteans? And where is Commander Funk? (Science fiction/Comedy. 57 minutes)

Written by
Rich Wentworth and Mike McQuilkin

Rich Wentworth as Dr. Francis “Oppenheimer” Valdini/Commander Funk/Amethystarr
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson/Crankcase/Blörp
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus

With special guests (in order of appearance)
Karim Kronfli as Zoriath
Robert Cudmore as Zoriath’s Crewman
Katey Falvey as Maggie
Vera Schränkung as High Zenith Lady Rubylith
Mark Gallagher as Phil, Ultra Apex of Meatlantis
Phoebe Angle as Mrs. Reynolds/Kid
Rebekah White as Sandy
Paul Gannon as Transdimensional Trig Field Agent Paul
Wendy MacLean as Beth

Featuring musical guests
Electric Street Queens

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Karim Kronfli
Gregory Adams
Isaac Zarsky
Jeffrey Gardner
Sarah Lykins
Michael Hudson
David Mogolov
Seth Williams
Eli McIlveen
Michelle Normandeau
Tova Rabinowitz Deer
Kenneth Toribio
Katie Sheahan
Rosalind M Green-Holmes
Richard Faymonville
Sean O’Connor
Stacey Toon
David Rheinstrom
Kessi Riliniki
Cole A Sytsma
Mark Gallagher
Ian Adams

Ep. 18 – “The Henchmen Club” OR “Waiting For The Dough”

A group of henchmen are hired for a secret job, and are drawn into a series of flashbacks to times they’ve each crossed paths with Mike, Oppenheimer and the Hadron Gang– but why? And who stands to benefit from these sinister recollections?
(Science fiction/Comedy. 40 minutes)

Written by
Michael McQuilkin and Rich Wentworth

Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson/Ironically Handsome/Barry Starr
Rich Wentworth as Dr. Francis “Oppenheimer” Valdini/Stranger/IG-86/Boss
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B
Wendy MacLean as Beth
Richard Faymonville as Judd
Steve Schneider as Frank Tobleston
Katey Falvey as Concierge Bot/Worker Drone 2
Tim Conway as Worker Drone 1


The 4 Spookiest HGH episodes EVER, plus: suggested listening for World Audio Drama Day!

Hadronauts! Can you feel it? That chill in the air?

That eldritch wind means it will soon be that most magical and spooky of days… World Audio Drama Day! Yes indeed, dear listeners, World Audio Drama day is coming up this Friday, October 30th (the anniversary of Orson Welles’ legendary War of The Worlds broadcast). here in the Hadron Bunker thought we might share with you some seasonally appropriate HGH episodes from the Hadron Vault… as well as some ooky suggestions from elsewhere in the podcast and audio drama multiverse! We’ve kept the focus on modern, more recently produced programs — but feel free to suggest your faves in the comments.



Hadron Gospel Hour Ep. 2 “Fright n’ Roll Nightrock”

Mike and Oppenheimer spend Halloween caught in the middle of a brutal battle between the forces of good and evil! Featuring Jon Mikl Thor (THOR, Rock n’ Roll Nightmare)


Hadron Gospel Hour Ep. 9 “Headhatz and Horror Hosts”

Mike buys an evil new hat that proves more trouble than it’s worth, and Oppenheimer takes classes from Mr. Gormenghast to become a better Horror Host. With special guests Amy Macabre and Roger Froilan, Jr. (Television’s Uncle Death).



Hadron Gospel Hour Bonus Track “A Ghost In The The Machine” (LIVE)

On Halloween, Mike and Oppenheimer hold a seance to rid the Bunker of a haunted shortwave radio… with predictably disastrous results. Recorded live at ITVFest in September 2015.


Hadron Gospel Hour Bonus Track “War Of The War Of The Worlds” (LIVE, Video)

Hadron Gospel Hour’s live “tribute” to H.G. Wells and Orson Welles’ groundbreaking masterpiece of radio terror, in which the gang in the Hadron Lab rehearse their live tribute to H.G. Wells and Orson Welles’ groundbreaking masterpiece of radio terror. Recorded live at The Literary Roast at The American Repertory Theater’s Club Oberon in December 2014.



…And even more spoooky audio drama action!

Thanks to our pals at the Audio Drama (Radio Drama) Lovers FB page for the suggestions!

Campfire Theater
Ghosts of Flannan Lighthouse

Night Delivery

HartLife NFP/Our Fair City
The Rats In the Walls (Parts 1 & 2)

“Silence, a fable”


Mark Slade
Hangman’s Dozen, Ep. 4: Mr. Beelzy

It’s About Time
S01E03-Bride of Dracula – A trip back to Transylvania to raise sales at Halloween

Sonic Society
Episode 310- Passengers One by One

Intensive Care

Pulp-Pourri Theatre
Tame Me This Beast
Monster of His Making
Nymph of Damnation

The Theatre In Your Mind
The Cure

King Falls AM
All The Pretty Flowers

Marc Alan Nicholson
The Room: A Binaural 3D Sound Experience

Locked Into Vacancy Radio
Ep. 22. Chi Beta Justice – Dungeons and Vampires


BONUS TRACK! HGH Live at ITVFest 2015: “A Ghost in The The Machine” OR “The Copperpot Conundrum”

Rich and Mike introduce this special, vaguely spooky episode of the show, recorded LIVE on September 26, 2015 the Independent Television and Film Festival in West Dover, Vermont!

When the gang in the Hadron Bunker trace the cause of Mike’s insomnia to a seemingly haunted shortwave radio, Oppenheimer is determined to make contact with the spirit world — but when the gang get more than they bargained for, will our heroes ever sleep again?

(Science fiction/Comedy) 35 minutes

Written by
Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth as Dr. Francis “Oppenheimer” Valdini/Oscar Copperpot
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B

Production assistance from
Katey Falvey and Wendy MacLean

Special thanks to
Phillip Gilpin, Jr. and the entire ITVFest organization, Ned and Royal at The Mountaineer Inn in West Dover, VT., Auston Habershaw, Dan Milano, Jeff Burns and Super Geeked Up — and of course, our HGH team who couldn’t be with us: Michael Atkinson (thoughts and prayers, buddy!), Tim Conway and Rebekah White


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Ep. 16 – “The Ballad of Freddie Plastic” OR “You Say to Hero, I say Tomorrow”


When a clueless security guard is caught in a nuclear meltdown at the plastics factory, Mike and Oppenheimer witness the birth of a powerful new superhuman — but will mild-mannered Freddie Plasington choose to be a hero …or villain? And just who is pulling Freddie’s strings?

Plus, the gang in the Hadron Bunker attempts to answer the age old question: Marvel? Or DC? (Answer: The suburbs are weird.)

(Science fiction/Comedy) 41 minutes

Written by
Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth as Dr. Francis “Oppenheimer” Valdini/Suburban Children/Suburban Husband
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson/Purse Snatcher/”Boss”
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus/Cop Number Two
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B

Special guests
Tim Conway as Freddie Plasington/Freddie Plastic
Katey Falvey as Purse Lady/Cop Number One
Wendy MacLean as Suburban Wife

*Please note: this Hulk origin panel sequence is only for comparison purposes. Freddie Plastic’s origin is far cooler. – Ye Eds