Ep.02 – “Fright N’ Roll NightRock”

When a horrifying interdimensional creature from the Hadron Rift invades the lab on Halloween night, Mike and Oppenheimer must call upon a higher power for help… but can they Accept The Challenge? With special guest star Jon Mikl Thor (“Rock n’ Roll Nightmare”).
45 minutes.  Audio adventure/comedy/music

Written by
Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth

Special Guest Star
Jon Mikl Thor as THOR/Himself

Richard Wentworth as Dr. Oppenheimer/The Rift Creature
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus
and introducing
Wendy MacLean as Lady Chessington

Production assistance from
Katey Falvey and Rebekah White

Special Thanks to
Jon Mikl Thor, Scott Woolard and Barrellhouse Sound, Tim Conway, Kris Paukstys, Jason Squamata, Keven Undergaro, Rashmi Dayalu, Bob Wilson, Chris Borger, Jennifer Sullivan, Sean O’Connor, Tim Gleason and Eric and Don Schulze

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