Ep.10 – “HGH Season One Sketch-tacular!”

Join Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth as they host a king-sized retrospective look at their favorite sketches and previously unreleased music from Season One of Hadron Gospel Hour!

Written by
Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth
Michael McQuilkin
Lisa McQuilkin
Michael Atkinson
Kevin Harrington
Wendy MacLean
Vera Schrankung
Rebekah White
Katey Falvey
Matt Chaves

Featuring music by
Freeze-Frame Hi-Five and The Motivation Proclamation (feat. Kelly Roberge)
C-Monet and The Affected Area

Special Thanks to everyone who’s listened to, downloaded, rated/reviewed, or told a friend about our little show in our first season. You are too numerous to mention here, but you know who you are. And you’ve made this season a great success. THANK YOU.

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