Ep.09 – “The Phenomenon of Bi-Location” OR “Quantum Entanglement”

When Mike and Oppenheimer become too enmeshed in solitary obsessions, A.S.H. LE, Cyrus, Higgs_B and Commander Funk decide to liven things up and play quantum matchmaker.  But is there such thing as too perfect a match? SEASON FINALE

Written by
Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth as Dr. Oppenheimer/Commander Funk
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B
Vera Schrankung as Dr. Alberta Fermi/Esmerelda
Rebekah White as Michelle

Special Thanks to everyone who’s listened to, downloaded, rated/reviewed, or told a friend about our little show in our first season. You are too numerous to mention here, but you know who you are. And you’ve made this season a great success.  THANK YOU.

Hey! Why not drop us a note in the off-season and say hi? info@hadrongospelhour.com

See you in two months!

-Rich and Mike


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