Ep.08 – “HeadHatz and Horror Hosts”

When Mike buys a trendy new HeadHatz unit, Oppenheimer is characteristically skeptical. But when Oppenheimer’s away at Horror Host Continuing Ed classes, Mike’s strange behavior might just lead to the end of the Lab as we know it… and the enslavement of all sentient life in the multiverse at the hands of a stylish new alien menace!

Written by
Richard Wentworth and Michael McQuilkin

With additional sketch material by
Rebekah White

Richard Wentworth as Dr. Oppenheimer/Mr. Gormenghast
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus
Wendy MacLean as Clytemnestra/HeadHatz Overbeing
Kevin Harrington as Count Creepula/Bugsy
Rebekah White

With Special Guest Stars
Amy Macabre as Glama’arra
Roger Froilan, Jr. as Uncle Death

With Special Musical Guests
Freeze Frame Hi-Five and the Motivation Proclamation
(Richard Wentworth feat. Kelly Roberge)

Special Thanks to Kelly Roberge and All of Us solo quartet , Rick Jenkins and The Comedy Studio, Sam Kusek and Comicazi, Geek Comedy Night, Katey Falvey, Rebekah White, Kris Paukstys, Ian Adams, Jason Squamata, Keven Undergaro, Phil Svitek, Bob Wilson, Jef Taylor, Don and Eric Schulze, Chris Borger, Jen Sullivan, Sean O’Connor, Tim Gleason, Craig Forde and Michael R. Johnson

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