The 4 Spookiest HGH episodes EVER, plus: suggested listening for World Audio Drama Day!

Hadronauts! Can you feel it? That chill in the air?

That eldritch wind means it will soon be that most magical and spooky of days… World Audio Drama Day! Yes indeed, dear listeners, World Audio Drama day is coming up this Friday, October 30th (the anniversary of Orson Welles’ legendary War of The Worlds broadcast). here in the Hadron Bunker thought we might share with you some seasonally appropriate HGH episodes from the Hadron Vault… as well as some ooky suggestions from elsewhere in the podcast and audio drama multiverse! We’ve kept the focus on modern, more recently produced programs — but feel free to suggest your faves in the comments.



Hadron Gospel Hour Ep. 2 “Fright n’ Roll Nightrock”

Mike and Oppenheimer spend Halloween caught in the middle of a brutal battle between the forces of good and evil! Featuring Jon Mikl Thor (THOR, Rock n’ Roll Nightmare)


Hadron Gospel Hour Ep. 9 “Headhatz and Horror Hosts”

Mike buys an evil new hat that proves more trouble than it’s worth, and Oppenheimer takes classes from Mr. Gormenghast to become a better Horror Host. With special guests Amy Macabre and Roger Froilan, Jr. (Television’s Uncle Death).



Hadron Gospel Hour Bonus Track “A Ghost In The The Machine” (LIVE)

On Halloween, Mike and Oppenheimer hold a seance to rid the Bunker of a haunted shortwave radio… with predictably disastrous results. Recorded live at ITVFest in September 2015.


Hadron Gospel Hour Bonus Track “War Of The War Of The Worlds” (LIVE, Video)

Hadron Gospel Hour’s live “tribute” to H.G. Wells and Orson Welles’ groundbreaking masterpiece of radio terror, in which the gang in the Hadron Lab rehearse their live tribute to H.G. Wells and Orson Welles’ groundbreaking masterpiece of radio terror. Recorded live at The Literary Roast at The American Repertory Theater’s Club Oberon in December 2014.



…And even more spoooky audio drama action!

Thanks to our pals at the Audio Drama (Radio Drama) Lovers FB page for the suggestions!

Campfire Theater
Ghosts of Flannan Lighthouse

Night Delivery

HartLife NFP/Our Fair City
The Rats In the Walls (Parts 1 & 2)…/the-rats-in-the-walls-pt-1/

“Silence, a fable”


Mark Slade
Hangman’s Dozen, Ep. 4: Mr. Beelzy

It’s About Time
S01E03-Bride of Dracula – A trip back to Transylvania to raise sales at Halloween

Sonic Society
Episode 310- Passengers One by One

Intensive Care

Pulp-Pourri Theatre
Tame Me This Beast
Monster of His Making
Nymph of Damnation

The Theatre In Your Mind
The Cure

King Falls AM
All The Pretty Flowers

Marc Alan Nicholson
The Room: A Binaural 3D Sound Experience

Locked Into Vacancy Radio
Ep. 22. Chi Beta Justice – Dungeons and Vampires



As you may have heard, Hadron Gospel Hour is going to the 2015 Geekie Awards in October! We’re nominated for Best Podcast — crazy, right? We’ll have ticket information for any interested Los Angeles area listeners soon. Here’s our Very Official Press Release for the whole scoop:




Hadron Gospel Hour, the Parsec Award-winning science fiction audio comedy adventure show, has received the nomination for Best Podcast at the 2015 Geekie Awards which will be held on October 15th in Santa Monica, CA.

The Geekie Awards® is a yearly award ceremony that honors independent creators of science literature, webseries, comics, podcasts and fashion.  The mission of the awards is to give independent content creators the opportunity to be recognized in a way previously reserved for actors and celebrities.  From hundreds of entries, Geekie Awards® nominees are selected on the basis of high production values, content and genuine passion for the subject matter.  The award ceremony is held in the Los Angeles area. This year’s awards ceremony  will be held on October 15th, in the Santa Monica, California aircraft hangar where Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man) celebrated his most recent birthday.  Geekies Hi Res for Trailer alt 2

Hadron Gospel Hour is a science fiction “radio drama” done in an entirely modern  way — with snappy dialogue, contemporary pacing, and multidimensional, unforgettable characters. Created in late 2013 by the writing and production team of Richard Wentworth and Michael McQuilkin, the audio series is now in its second season.  All episodes are FREE on demand at or at  iTunes

Media/Inquiries For press inquiries or talent booking, contact: To apply for PRESS CREDENTIALS for The 2015 Geekie Awards on October 15, 2015 at the Barker Hangar, fill out this credential request form. You can also view the list of  nominees here.

A PDF version of this press release is available here.

“It’s an Audiodrama. And it’s a Sketch Show. Well, and it’s kinda like a sitcom.” The Year In HGH!

2013 was good to us, friends. We can’t deny it.

We started Hadron Gospel Hour only 3 scant months ago, and have — with the help of listeners and supporters like YOU — managed to achieve so much in such a short period!

Writing, directing, acting in, editing, sound designing and mixing such a show twice monthly has been an education, to say the least — but we feel like we keep getting better at this, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed the trip thus far as much as we have.

We’re about halfway through our first season, with 4 episodes left before we take a break to come up with even more ways to entertain you. Since we’re at that halfway mark, and since the new year approaches, we thought it would be fun to look back at a few of the things that we enjoyed about the past year of HGH.

Some of our favorite things about 2013:

  • Getting to work with our pal, the legendary Jon Mikl Thor! Revisiting the character of Jon Triton (from Rock n’ Roll Nightmare) and once again pitting Jon against Old Scratch was nothing short of a dream come true for Mike and I. As we said many times during the production: “Scratch that off the bucket list.” Jon is a great guy to work with, and kicked ass.  More HGH/THOR fun in 2014 — we promise.
  • Making hidden references to the Norwegian pop group a-ha. a-ha is one of our favorite bands ever. So we pay tribute to them in a variety of sneaky (and sometimes not so sneaky) ways — often without even consciously deciding to do so.
  • Our amazing cast! In addition to the voices that Michael McQuilkin and I provide to the show, here are some of the amazing voice artists we’ve had the pleasure of working with this year: Michael Atkinson, Lisa McQuilkin, Vera Schrankung, Wendy MacLean, Kevin Harrington, Rebecca Courtney and George Jack… thanks for your great work, folks!
  • Having Seana from Reindeer on the show to play their single “Tony”. We <3 Reindeer — and Seana!
  • Working with Geek Comedy Night and Comicazi to create the “Tales from the Hadron Rift!” live event in Somerville, MA on January 11th.  We feel very fortunate to live in an area where smart comedy is so well appreciated, and we’re proud to be affiliated with these two organizations that value the kind of weird, literate funny that we do.
  • Can’t forget our staff — Katey Falvey and Rebekah White! You guys rock in totality. Thanks for being awesome, guys!

Looking forward to more great stuff in 2014!

We hope you dig this YouTube audio compilation that Mike put together featuring these moments and others that we dug. Maybe you did too.

Dig this comp of fave moments from the show that Mike put together.  Like it? Share it!

What were YOUR favorite HGH moments of 2013? Feel free to comment here, or head over to our facebook or twitter and let us know!

… oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at HGH!



Hadron Gospel Hour teams up with Geek Comedy Night at Comicazi!

Hadron Gospel Hour teams up with Geek Comedy Night at Comicazi!

On January 11th, at 8pm EST Hadron Gospel Hour will join forces with Geek Comedy Night to bring our patented brand of quantum weirdness to Comicazi in Davis Sq. Somerville! Lucky New Englanders and visitors from afar will be treated to an evening of smart Geek Comedy Night standup, musical guests, a LIVE taping of our “Tales From the Rift” sketch segment… and the sneak preview of our forthcoming episode entitled “Hadron Nights”! Too much fun to miss, methinks.

So if you’re going to be in the area, or if you’ve got some frequent flyer miles, go ahead and get advance tickets for $8 measly at

Tix will also be available for $10 on the night of the show, but seating is limited, so grab ’em now, and we’ll see you there!