Ep. 19 – “Funk OUT!” OR “The Offal Truth”

It’s HGH Season Two’s senses-shattering, diplomacy-and-pseudoscience-packed, king-sized penultimate episode!

When Cyrus comes down with crystal poisoning, it’s up to Mike and Oppenheimer to get his legs back from Crystallos — but can our heroes survive another kerfuffle and stay alive long enough to make peace between the Crystallosians and Meatlanteans? And where is Commander Funk? (Science fiction/Comedy. 57 minutes)

Written by
Rich Wentworth and Mike McQuilkin

Rich Wentworth as Dr. Francis “Oppenheimer” Valdini/Commander Funk/Amethystarr
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson/Crankcase/Blörp
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus

With special guests (in order of appearance)
Karim Kronfli as Zoriath
Robert Cudmore as Zoriath’s Crewman
Katey Falvey as Maggie
Vera Schränkung as High Zenith Lady Rubylith
Mark Gallagher as Phil, Ultra Apex of Meatlantis
Phoebe Angle as Mrs. Reynolds/Kid
Rebekah White as Sandy
Paul Gannon as Transdimensional Trig Field Agent Paul
Wendy MacLean as Beth

Featuring musical guests
Electric Street Queens

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BONUS TRACK! HGH Live at ITVFest 2015: “A Ghost in The The Machine” OR “The Copperpot Conundrum”

Rich and Mike introduce this special, vaguely spooky episode of the show, recorded LIVE on September 26, 2015 the Independent Television and Film Festival in West Dover, Vermont!

When the gang in the Hadron Bunker trace the cause of Mike’s insomnia to a seemingly haunted shortwave radio, Oppenheimer is determined to make contact with the spirit world — but when the gang get more than they bargained for, will our heroes ever sleep again?

(Science fiction/Comedy) 35 minutes

Written by
Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth as Dr. Francis “Oppenheimer” Valdini/Oscar Copperpot
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B

Production assistance from
Katey Falvey and Wendy MacLean

Special thanks to
Phillip Gilpin, Jr. and the entire ITVFest organization, Ned and Royal at The Mountaineer Inn in West Dover, VT., Auston Habershaw, Dan Milano, Jeff Burns and Super Geeked Up — and of course, our HGH team who couldn’t be with us: Michael Atkinson (thoughts and prayers, buddy!), Tim Conway and Rebekah White


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Ep. 15 – “Higgs_B Takes A Holiday” OR “Bubble Universe On 34th Street”

Higgs_B’s annual cycle of stasis forces him out of the Hadron Bunker for a day, where he meets Jimmy, a young man with a lot of questions… and nowhere near enough answers. Can a low-powered Higgs_B help Jimmy in his cross-country quest for meaning? And will the gang in the Lab burn down the place while he’s gone?
(Science fiction/Comedy) 43 minutes

Written by
Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth


Richard Wentworth as Dr. Francis “Oppenheimer” Valdini/Mr. Mylar/The Professor/Commander Funk
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson/Mark/Bert
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE/Elaine Dorrance
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus/Sexton/Ernie
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B

Special guests
Nick Colen as Jimmy
Rebekah White as Pan-Am Stewardess

Greyhound Americruiser MC-12 2758

Ep. 14 – “Legs In The Business” OR “A Tale of Two Cyruses”

Mike, Oppenheimer and Commander Funk must travel to the Mining World* to find Cyrus after a bungled experiment leaves him in C-Monet’s body on the eve of ProductCorp’s Interdimensional Superstar competition. But will they manage to avoid the evil science wizard Barry Starr? Meanwhile, Higgs_B and A.S.H.LE must entertain a new guest in the hall. Featuring the return of C-Monet!
(Science fiction/Comedy) 44 minutes

Written by
Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth


Richard Wentworth as Dr. Francis “Oppenheimer” Valdini/Commander Funk
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson/Miggs/Interdimensional Superstar Announcer
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus/C-Monet
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B/Chud
Heather Henderson as Denoose
Andrea Hogan as Rose Arcana
Kelly Roberge as Himself

With musical guests
Veterans of the Cola Wars performing “It’s Mandatory”
Cruiser Strange performing “Staircases”
Cyrus and The Lower Half performing “Man In The Wall”

Special thanks to Kelly Roberge and Don Schulze for your musical contributions to “Man In The Wall”!

*See episode 6


Ep. 13 – “Product® Placement” OR “How To Secede in Business By Really Trying”

When a rogue sales professional breaks ranks with ProductCorp® and drops in on Mike and Oppenheimer, it’s up to the gang in the Hadron Bunker to help him find a new job — or face the wrath of the ProductCorp® Armada! But can Cyrus, ASHLE and Higgs_B get the hang of the ad game before it’s too late?
(Science fiction/Comedy) 41 minutes

Written by
Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth


Richard Wentworth as Dr. Francis “Oppenheimer” Valdini/Rick
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson/Mitch
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B
Christine McGlade as Miss Ellen Müllenmeister
Rick Canavan as Tim

Many thanks to Christine “Moose” McGlade for guesting on this episode! You Can’t Do That On Television was a huge influence on our comedy aesthetic, and Christine was a huge part of why that show worked. Working with Christine and witnessing her top-notch timing and characterization is a complete thrill, and a dream come true — we hope she’ll come back to the Hadron Bunker soon!

Christine “Moose” McGlade is our special guest!

Christine McGlade as Moose on “You Can’t Do That On Television”. Moose is one of Television’s all-time greatest voices of reason.

Rick Canavan hosts The Comedy Studio in Harvard Sq. Cambridge every Friday night. He claims his nickname was also “Moose”.

Hadron Gospel Hour LIVE @Boston Comic Con 2014!

On Sunday Aug. 10th the Hadron Gospel Hour podcast INVADES Boston Comic Con for a very special afternoon of LIVE Sci-fi Comedy/Adventure radio drama!

See a special LIVE episode of Hadron Gospel Hour, and LIVE “Tales from the Rift” comedy sketches, starring our amazing cast:
Richard Wentworth
Michael McQuilkin
Lisa Perry Mcquilkin
Michael Atkinson
Kevin Harrington (Geek Week Comedy)

With standup comedy from special guests:
Ken Reid (TV Guidance Counselor podcast)
Rick Canavan (The Comedy Studio)
and others to be announced!

The fun starts at 2 pm, at The Boston Button Factory at 50 Melcher St. Boston MA 02210 (right around the corner from the Boston Comic Con at the Seaport World Trade Center) and your seat is available for just $8 via http://hadrongospelhour.brownpapertickets.com/! Tix will also be available at the door for $10.

Sign on to the fb event page for updates.

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Ep. 11 – “Fragment Runner” (OR “Do Robot Runners Dream of Electric Blades?”)

Mike and Oppenheimer visit a near-future timeline with an abundance of Esmerelda fragments — and Artificial Intelligences. A.S.H. LE wrestles with her feelings about free will. Oppenheimer learns about biomechanoid-first language. Cyrus talks about his family. Higgs_B is pleased. (Science fiction/Comedy. 34 minutes)

Written by
Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth as Dr. Francis “Oppenheimer” Valdini/Leon X/Kang
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson/Detective Blardd/Bartender/Professor Hawkins
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B
Matt Chaves as The Designer
Rebecca Courtney as Kozplay



Ep.09 – “The Phenomenon of Bi-Location” OR “Quantum Entanglement”

When Mike and Oppenheimer become too enmeshed in solitary obsessions, A.S.H. LE, Cyrus, Higgs_B and Commander Funk decide to liven things up and play quantum matchmaker.  But is there such thing as too perfect a match? SEASON FINALE

Written by
Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth as Dr. Oppenheimer/Commander Funk
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus
Kevin Harrington as Higgs_B
Vera Schrankung as Dr. Alberta Fermi/Esmerelda
Rebekah White as Michelle

Special Thanks to everyone who’s listened to, downloaded, rated/reviewed, or told a friend about our little show in our first season. You are too numerous to mention here, but you know who you are. And you’ve made this season a great success.  THANK YOU.

Hey! Why not drop us a note in the off-season and say hi? info@hadrongospelhour.com

See you in two months!

-Rich and Mike


Ep.08 – “HeadHatz and Horror Hosts”

When Mike buys a trendy new HeadHatz unit, Oppenheimer is characteristically skeptical. But when Oppenheimer’s away at Horror Host Continuing Ed classes, Mike’s strange behavior might just lead to the end of the Lab as we know it… and the enslavement of all sentient life in the multiverse at the hands of a stylish new alien menace!

Written by
Richard Wentworth and Michael McQuilkin

With additional sketch material by
Rebekah White

Richard Wentworth as Dr. Oppenheimer/Mr. Gormenghast
Michael McQuilkin as Mike Wilkinson
Lisa McQuilkin as A.S.H. LE
Michael Atkinson as Cyrus
Wendy MacLean as Clytemnestra/HeadHatz Overbeing
Kevin Harrington as Count Creepula/Bugsy
Rebekah White

With Special Guest Stars
Amy Macabre as Glama’arra
Roger Froilan, Jr. as Uncle Death

With Special Musical Guests
Freeze Frame Hi-Five and the Motivation Proclamation
(Richard Wentworth feat. Kelly Roberge)

Special Thanks to Kelly Roberge and All of Us solo quartet , Rick Jenkins and The Comedy Studio, Sam Kusek and Comicazi, Geek Comedy Night, Katey Falvey, Rebekah White, Kris Paukstys, Ian Adams, Jason Squamata, Keven Undergaro, Phil Svitek, Bob Wilson, Jef Taylor, Don and Eric Schulze, Chris Borger, Jen Sullivan, Sean O’Connor, Tim Gleason, Craig Forde and Michael R. Johnson