Ep. 20 – “Missing Pieces” OR “But Knot For Me”

Here it is, Hadronauts! The pulses-pounding, giant-sized Hadron Gospel Hour Season 2 Finale! When the gang gets a distress call from an abandoned hyperfreighter, Mike, Oppenheimer, Cyrus, A.S.H. LE and Higgs_B come face to face with old friends — and a powerful new enemy!

Could this be the end of the Bunker?

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(Science Fiction/Comedy. 1:03:55)

Hadron Gospel Hour Episode 20 – “Missing Pieces” OR “But Knot For Me”

written and produced by
Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth

Michael McQuilkin
Richard Wentworth
Lisa McQuilkin
Michael “Ronnie” Atkinson
Kevin Harrington

Wendy MacLean
Vera Schrankung
Tim Conway

and introducing
The Wentworth Kids

production assistance from
Rebekah Morris
Katey Falvey
Tim Conway

supported by


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