HGH Online Shop Opens November 19th

Sales Rift Announcement

Hadron Gospel Hour is pleased to announce that we’ve hammered out a deal with ProductCorp® and will begin distributing HGH merchandise directly through this website, beginning on November 19th!

Our Grand Rift-Opening Weekend will begin on the 19th, and will feature giveaways, promotions and sales — so spread the word,  mark your calendar, sign up for our newsletter for exclusive coupon codes, and be sure to stop by the Bunker next week for sweet deals on the coolest swag in this or any timeline!

Vote for Hadron Gospel Hour for Best Podcast at The Geekie Awards!

Calling All Hadronauts!

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Your favorite sci-fi audio comedy/adventure show is up for a prestigious Geekie Award — for Best Podcast — and we need your help to go all the way! You can click here to vote  — and you can do it once a day between now and August 31st!

What’s a G2015Nominee-Podcasteekie Award, anyway?

The Geekie Awards is a yearly award ceremony that honors independent creators of science literature, webseries, comics, podcasts and fashion.  From hundreds of entries, nominees are selected on the basis of high production values, content and genuine passion for the subject matter.  The award ceremony is held in the Los Angeles area. Stan Lee and LeVar Burton have recently been guests of honor! It’s a BIG DEAL that we were nominated — and winning the award can really launch our show to the next level! We’re honored to be in competition with some amazing podcasts, and thrilled to be heading to Los Angeles in October for the awards ceremony.

Check out this highlight reel from last year’s awards ceremony for a sampling of the awesome:

Why do The Geekie Awards matter?

Winning a Geekie Award would guarantee Hadron Gospel Hour wider exposure. A larger audience would help us make this project more sustainable, which would mean more episodes for you to listen to! It’s a win-win!

Our fate is in your hands now!

Voting is open from now until August 31st, and you are allowed to vote once per day. If you want to help us win, think about setting a daily reminder on your phone or calendar.

So g’head and click here to vote for Hadron Gospel Hour — remember, you can do it once a day between now and August 31st!

OK. Voted. Now what?

Excellent question! In addition to voting, you can share it like crazy — let your friends know that your favorite podcast is up for a Geekie Award!  For example…

If you are on Twitter, you could compose a tweet like this (or just copy this, we won’t sue you!):

Hey guys! Vote for my favorite podcast HADRON GOSPEL HOUR at ! http://vote2015.thegeekieawards.com/category/?cat=podcasts  

Or if you’re on facebook, you can use a few more characters*:

Hey guys! Do me a favor and vote for my favorite podcast HADRON GOSPEL HOUR for Best Podcast at The Geekie Awards! You can vote once a day!  
#HadronGospelHour #Audiodrama #BestPodcast #ByGeeksForGeeks

*PRO TIP You can also download and include the photo above with your post!

So, to recap — YOU can help us by:

1. Voting – Once every day until Oct. 15th. Set a reminder with this tune, for extra fun!

2. Share like crazy – Head to facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, your blog, etc., and tell everyone that you voted — and tell ’em they should vote for us (at ) too! One benefit of this is that it lets your friends know you’re into some super cool, quantifiably righteous, next level shih.

3. Let US know you voted — leave us a comment, tweet at us, just say hi!  It’s really swell to hear from you, y’know!

Thanks gang!

We hope you know how much we appreciate your help. We know that there’s a lot of noise out there competing for your earholes, and we’re always grateful that you choose HGH for your audio entertainment.

– See you in the Rift! Your pals at HGH

Come and say hi to us at the usual spots:

Listen and review on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hadron-gospel-hour/id726162003
Check out our website hadrongospelhour.com for downloads and other goodies
Send us an email info@hadrongospelhour.com
Say hi on facebook http://www.facebook.com/hghshow
Join HGH Supporters’ Auxiliary https://www.facebook.com/groups/hadrongospelhour/
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In case you haven’t yet — don’t forget to click here to vote for Hadron Gospel Hour — you can do it once a day!


As you may have heard, Hadron Gospel Hour is going to the 2015 Geekie Awards in October! We’re nominated for Best Podcast — crazy, right? We’ll have ticket information for any interested Los Angeles area listeners soon. Here’s our Very Official Press Release for the whole scoop:




Hadron Gospel Hour, the Parsec Award-winning science fiction audio comedy adventure show, has received the nomination for Best Podcast at the 2015 Geekie Awards which will be held on October 15th in Santa Monica, CA.

The Geekie Awards® is a yearly award ceremony that honors independent creators of science literature, webseries, comics, podcasts and fashion.  The mission of the awards is to give independent content creators the opportunity to be recognized in a way previously reserved for actors and celebrities.  From hundreds of entries, Geekie Awards® nominees are selected on the basis of high production values, content and genuine passion for the subject matter.  The award ceremony is held in the Los Angeles area. This year’s awards ceremony  will be held on October 15th, in the Santa Monica, California aircraft hangar where Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man) celebrated his most recent birthday.  Geekies Hi Res for Trailer alt 2

Hadron Gospel Hour is a science fiction “radio drama” done in an entirely modern  way — with snappy dialogue, contemporary pacing, and multidimensional, unforgettable characters. Created in late 2013 by the writing and production team of Richard Wentworth and Michael McQuilkin, the audio series is now in its second season.  All episodes are FREE on demand at hadrongospelhour.com or at  iTunes

Media/Inquiries For press inquiries or talent booking, contact: publicity@thegeekieawards.com. To apply for PRESS CREDENTIALS for The 2015 Geekie Awards on October 15, 2015 at the Barker Hangar, fill out this credential request form. You can also view the list of  nominees here.

A PDF version of this press release is available here.

FREE Hadron Gospel Hour LIVE Show October 25th!

HGH LIVE October 25th




Attention Boston-area Hadronauts! Geek Central and Pandemonium Books & Games invites you to join the creators and cast of Hadron Gospel Hour for a FREE evening of LIVE sci-fi comedy/adventure antics! Celebrate our first anniversary with a BRAND NEW, LIVE EPISODE of HGH — plus, live ‘Tales from the Hadron Rift’ sketches and standup from special guests Shawn Carter and Christa Weiss (Unscene Comedy)!

This is an early evening show from 5pm – 7pm — after which we will most likely be heading to Comicazi‘s FREE Halloweeniversary party up the street in Somerville!

So c’mon! See some comedy, then hang out with the Hadronauts!

Once again, this is a FREE event! We’d love to see you!

Does quantum comedy go well with adult beverages?


Hadron Gospel Hour Episodes Now On YouTube

Hello Hadronauts!

We’ve heard from a number of you that it’d be more convenient for you to enjoy Hadron Gospel Hour via YouTube. Being a benevolent entertainment conglomerate, we took your comments seriously and have begun uploading our back catalog to YouTube!

Beginning with our next episode (Episode 14), we’ll begin uploading new episodes simultaneously to iTunes and YouTube so that everyone has access to the new stuff at the same time, and no one gets left out.

SO! If you’re getting on the HGH YouTube train, subscribe right now and make sure you get the goods! Go here to listen and subscribe (and “like”, and comment, etc). Thanks folks!

Hadron Gospel Hour LIVE @Boston Comic Con 2014!

On Sunday Aug. 10th the Hadron Gospel Hour podcast INVADES Boston Comic Con for a very special afternoon of LIVE Sci-fi Comedy/Adventure radio drama!

See a special LIVE episode of Hadron Gospel Hour, and LIVE “Tales from the Rift” comedy sketches, starring our amazing cast:
Richard Wentworth
Michael McQuilkin
Lisa Perry Mcquilkin
Michael Atkinson
Kevin Harrington (Geek Week Comedy)

With standup comedy from special guests:
Ken Reid (TV Guidance Counselor podcast)
Rick Canavan (The Comedy Studio)
and others to be announced!

The fun starts at 2 pm, at The Boston Button Factory at 50 Melcher St. Boston MA 02210 (right around the corner from the Boston Comic Con at the Seaport World Trade Center) and your seat is available for just $8 via http://hadrongospelhour.brownpapertickets.com/! Tix will also be available at the door for $10.

Sign on to the fb event page for updates.

Season Two of Hadron Gospel Hour has begun! Listen to all of our episodes here for FREE.
Or listen on iTunes at: