A Who’s Who of Hadron Gospel Hour

It takes many hands (and voices) to make Hadron Gospel Hour. Here’s a look behind the scenes at some of the unique meatbags who keep HGH running!

MICHAEL MCQUILKIN – Co-creator, voice of Mike Wilkinson

Michael McQuilkin co-created and writes Hadron Gospel Hour with Rich. He stars as Mike Wilkinson, and has also voiced the roles of Barry Starr, Professor Hawkins, Ensign Crankcase, Mitch from ProductCorp and many more. Mike does the dialog editing for every episode, and drawing from his extensive musical experience, he has also written music for the series, including the Planetarium Theme (from Ep, 9 – The Phenomenon of Bi-Location), “It’s Mandatory” (from Ep.14 – Legs in the Business), and the bulk of the score for the Hadron Halloween Special. True to his character, Mike is an indie film writer and director with many shorts and features under his belt.

RICH WENTWORTH – Co-creator, voice of Oppenheimer

Rich Wentworth co-created and writes Hadron Gospel Hour alongside Mike. He stars as Dr. Francis “Oppenheimer” Valdini. Rich also voices the characters of Commander Funk, Slaaa’arg, Rick from ProductCorp, Mister Gormenghast, and many others. Rich does sound design and SFX for every episode, and also writes much of the music for the show, including the HGH Theme, “Man in The Wall” (from Ep. 16 – Legs in the Business), “You Can Do It” (from Ep. 8 – Headhatz and Horror Hosts) and “Cyrus’ Kombucha Freakout” (from the Hadron Halloween Special). When not HGH-ing, Rich draws illustrations for posters, magazines, books and comics.


Lisa Perry McQuilkin stars as A.S.H. LE on Hadron Gospel Hour. Lisa has also written sketches for the show, including “Thick Pants, Ladies”. When she’s not rocking the sassy A.I., Lisa is an antiques guru with a penchant for mid-century oddities and Victorian curse words. Lisa also plays Debbie Dunks on the hilarious Knite Coffee! podcast.

MICHAEL ATKINSON – voice of Cyrus

Michael Atkinson stars as Cyrus on Hadron Gospel Hour. He also voices the characters C-Monet and Googar Zoozar. Michael is an accomplished singer and musician, and contributed lead vocals to two HGH musical numbers: C-Monet’s “Taste Ya Body” and Cyrus’ “Man In The Wall”. Michael is also a stand-up comedian (and a two-time Andy Kaufman Award Finalist for his performance art-styled comedy). Michael created the podcast Knite Coffee!, which he also stars in alongside Lisa McQuilkin.

KEVIN HARRINGTON – voice of Higgs_B

Kevin Harrington stars as Higgs_B on Hadron Gospel Hour. He has also voiced characters like Subdermal Sal, Wyngaarde the Wise, and Chud from Surveillance: Multiwood. Kevin created the legendary nerd salon/performance event Geek Comedy Night. As if that weren’t enough, Kevin is also a stand-up comedian, ace improviser, and a frequent host and performer at Boston area Burlesque and indie theater events — and yes, he kills Draculas.

WENDY MACLEAN – voice of Beth

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